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XNXX stands for Xena Network pornography. In the beginning, they released their browser add on for Internet marketers to use for their own personal browsing and video surveillance needs. Recently, XNXX has evolved into a more comprehensive and complete web surveillance and parental control solution. XNXX will allow a website owner or adult entertainment site operator to access their own browser history and track user activity. This is done through the use of cookies placed on the user’s computer that enable the website owner access control and filtering capabilities.

The “logged in cookies” attribute is used by most browsers to trace the origin of every web page that has been visited. The “logged out cookies” attribute will log in and log out each time a user goes to a pornographic video site or adult oriented social network. The major advantage of this is that if someone visited a site and then returned to that same site within the day, the IP log from that visit can be captured. XN XX and other similar adult web browser add ons can capture a person’s IP address and log in to that persons account with full privacy and control.

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You don’t have to be worried about people finding out that you are logging and recording your every move while you are online because xnxx offers “unlimited private surfing” and “one click per session” protection. You can go from porn to business to shopping in a matter of seconds, all without anyone ever knowing that you were watching adult movies or even visited a nudist web site. If you are concerned that your children may be visiting illegal websites, this software will keep them out of harm’s way. XN XX allows anyone to stay protected and satisfied while online.

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