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XNXX is an adult video web site. According to SimilarWeb it was launched in 1997 and at the time of publishing this article, it has ranked the seventh most visited adult web site in the online world. It has been launched in JPEG, GIF, Video, Online, Runtime and WebMOV.

As of today (08/12/2021) XNXX continues to be among the top rated sites for adult content. It enjoys over 5 million visits per month and it continues to increase by the day. Over half of all adult video web site traffic is directed to XNXX. According to Alexa it is ranked as the 4th most visited pornography web site in the world, the 7th most visited adult video web site and the 4th most viewed porn site overall. XNXX boasts over seven million pages of adult material, including over one million videos!

To protect yourself against being blocked from visiting sites you consider to be adult, it is recommended that you install an adult filter on your computer, or at the very least install software that blocks adult content. Blocked access to adult websites can cause serious problems for the user as it may result in loss of reputation and in some cases legal action has been taken against the user. It is important that the adult filter on your computer is not difficult to install and use, especially if you use it frequently. If your computer is used for work only, then it would be advisable to remove the filter and only use it for personal uses. However, even if you use your computer for both work and for your personal uses, it is important that you are aware of your responsibilities and that you remain within the bounds of your acceptable usage of adult web sites.

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